The possession of hannah grace

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The possession of Hannah grace


the possession of Hannah grace is a 2018 American horror movie. It is now available now amazon prime to watch. This movie is available in many languages.

According to me actuly, the movie is good and I will suggest it to watch.

It’s the perfect amount of horror mix with suspense. Give this movie a watch but don’t watch it with the phone in your hands or in daylight. And then I promise you will definitely like the movie.


Shay Mitchell as Megan Reed

Stana Katic as Lisa Roberts

Grey Damon as Andrew Kurtz

Kirby Johnson as Hannah Grace

Nick Thune as Randy

Jacob Ming-Trent as Ernie Gainor

Max McNamara as Dave

Louis Herthum as Grainger


The movie starts with the exorcism of Hannah where she killed the priest and her father have to kill her.

In the movie, Hannah’s body was possessed by the ghost which kills people to heal its body and the rest.

Hannah’s father has figured out the riddle and he was trying to burn her body so she could never recover.

Hannah body was found on the street and brought to the morgue. There she killed 3 people to recover her own body. But in end, Megan the incharge of the morgue in night solved the riddle to and put Hannah’s body in the furnace.

RATING:- 6.5/10


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