THE MEG (2018)

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the meg

The meg is 2018 is a new age shark movie it deals with our old concept of shark MEGALODON and yes again there is our old movie friend shark which is extinct years and years ago. Now this movie is available on amazon prime in many languages. It is said that a sequel of this movie is in progress.


Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor

Li Bingbing as Suyin

Rainn Wilson as Morris

Cliff Curtis as Mac

Page Kennedy as DJ

Ruby Rose as Jaxx

Winston Chao as Zhang

Jessica McNamee as Lori

Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as The Wall

Robert Taylor as Heller

Sophia Cai as Meiying

Masi Oka as Toshi


The movie starts with Jonas who went underwater with a submarine to save his friends but soon they found out that they are not dealing with any kind of shark or whale they were dealing with the megalodon. Jonas was not able to save all his friends and started blaming himself that he was the culprit and stop diving.

A investor has invested millions of dollars in a ocean research programme to find out oceans true deepest point. They send a submarine with 3 people and they found out the true end of the ocean which was covered with the cloud of hydrogen peroxide.

There was no light and they bought light there which attracted megalodon and she attacked their submarine several times.

Jason was convinced by the team to go and save them and he did his best and saved 2 out of 3.

Later on, they get to know that when they came up from the ocean ground they accidentally released megalodon which was captured under a thick cloud of hydrogen peroxide.

Soon many cases of ship and boat sink came up and they have to kill megalodon before its too late.

At their first try they killing a giant shark but they thought it was meg. But they soon realize they were wrong when meg takes a big jump out of the water and took the giant shark with her.

They arranged a poison to kill meg. Suyin said she will go and put poison in megs fin. She was put in a glass case and send in the ocean when meg arrived she put poison in her fin but Suyin was not able to get out of the glass cage and before she could drown draw with meg Jonas saved her.


According to me, the movie was not so good not so bad. It’s just a one time watch. Basically, you can say our viewers are tired of old megalodon stories where the hero will kill her and save the heroine.

Our viewers demand more than love stories now.

So it’s just an ok movie you

RATING -: 4/10


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