Chilling adventures of Sabrina

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Chilling adventures of Sabrina

CHARACTERS (sabrina spellman)

In this the main focus is on Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan shipka) who is a young sixteen years old half witch half mortal who lives with her aunts Zelda Spellman (Miranda otto) , Hilda Spellman (lucy davis) and a cousin who is a warlock ambrose Spellman (chance permodo).


Spellman family has a good reputation in greendale witch community because sabrina’s father was father of church for a long period but after he married a mortal women things changed. Her parents died in an accident when she was very small.

Soon she is going to turn sixteen and she has to choose between mortal and immortal world. In mortal world she has her family and she can stay young for forever. She has to go to academy of the unseen arts (school for immortals) and in mortal world she can go to baxter high (school for mortals). She can also stay with her friends Susie (Lachlan Watson), Rosalind walker (jaz Sinclair). Her boyfriend Harvey kinkle (ross lynch) whom she loves the most and can do anything for him. Now she has to make a decision weather she has to stay with her friends or her family.

If she choose to join the dark world she has to write her name in the dark lords book and she has to work on dark lords terms and conditions in return of eternal life and leave her friends because at some point they all are going to die. Sabrina’s decision can return her family reputation or make it worse.

I have watched this show and according to me it is worth to watch you will find suspense on every other turn. Its second chapter will air on 5th april 2019.

Each episode is of around sixty minutes.

This sitcom is released by Netflix on 26th October 2018  in first chapter it has 10 episodes.

Rating: 7/10

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