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Pihu is a suspense and thriller film directed by vinod kapri. The movie revolves around a 2 years old girl pihu who get trapped in her own house after her mother committed suicide. The movie released on 16th November 2018.


Myra Vishwakarma as Pihu
Prerna Sharma as Pooja (mother)
Rahul Bagga as Gaurav (voice only)
Hrishita Bhatt as Meera (voice only)


The storyline starts with the next day after pihu 2nd birthday party. She wakes up and search for father in her house but her father has left for Calcutta in early morning for his meeting. Pihu tries to wake up her mom but she was not responding but a 2 year old cannot understand why her mother is not responding.

Pihu’s father was calling again and again but the phone was kept on upper shelf in room, pihu somehow manages to answer the phone but her father thinks that because of their fight his wife is not answering the phone.

Last night for Pihu’s birthday party her father came late and because of that her mother and father had a big fight because of which pooja committed suicide by eating sleeping pills. She wants to take pihu with her but she couldn’t gathered that much courage.

Pihu was hungry so she turned on the microwave and as we know a 2 tear old cannot operate a microwave. Little girl also turned on gyser and didn’t close it so later it resulted into a burst. Tap was also flowing and water went out of the house but no one cared about it.

Later gaurav realize something is wrong so he catched a flight back to home and when he reached back home he saw crowd out of his appartment and when he went in he found his wife dead and daughter playing with blocks and building a house.


In today’s busy lifestyle no one cares what is happening around them. Like no one responded when the heard the gyser blast or water flowing out of the house. Family does not have time to spend together all they care about is work. Work is important but we should always keep family in priority. This movie highlights the dark side of our society.

RATING: 6:8/10

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