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Photograph movie trailer released a few days back and we love its simplicity and how it connects with peoples feelings and emotions.

Film will release on 15th march 2019


Nawazuddin Siddique (Rafi)

Sanya Malhotra (Miloni)


The trailer starts on the Gateway of India where rafi is a street photographer who click pictures of people who came there. And miloni is a visitor. Rafi tries to convince miloni to buy her pictures Clicked by rafi as a memory of her trip. Rafi’s grandma wants him to get married and tried every other way to convince him to get married. Somehow rafi and miloni started attracting towards each other. And on the other hand rafi convinces miloni to meet hit grandma as his fiance and they end up feeling in love. Miloni was shown as a depressed women where she finds happiness by spending time with rafi. Both of them value each other.


By watching the railer i found this movie as simple and sober. I will recommend it as a one time watch. This film is a simple love story of 2 strangers of mumbai who found comfortness with each other. The film is shot in Mumbai.

RATING: 6/10

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