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just add magic

Just add magic is an amazon prime kids show it deals with the magical world. And as kids, they have tons of imagination, they love the magical stories. Kids love to dream about the magical world and whatever they can do with it.

This show revolves around a magical cookbook which came from kelly’s grandma to her.


Olivia Sanabia as Kelly Quinn

Abby Donnelly as Darbie O’Brien

Aubrey Miller as Hannah Parker-Kent

Judah Bellamy as Jake Williams

Catia Ojeda as Terri Quinn, Kelly’s mom

Andrew Burlinson as Scott Quinn, Kelly’s dad

Dee Wallace as Rebecca “Becky” Quinn, Kelly’s grandma

Amy Hill as Ida “Mama P” Perez

Ellen Karsten as Ms Gina Silvers

Aiden Lovekamp as Buddy Quinn, Kelly’s younger brother


Kelly Quinn

Kelly is a lovely girl she loves her grandma very much. She cares about her family about her little brother and her friends. She loves to cook with her grandma and try different recipes. Soon the cookbook chooses her and her friends as her owner and now they have to cook magical recopies to solve their life problems.

Darbie O’Brien

She is a lovely girl. Just a bit dumb, but she is super loyal to her friends Kelly and Hannah. She wants her mom and dad to come together after divorce and she was not happy with her dad’s new girlfriend. Darbie always supports her friends and helped Kelly to bring her grandma back to normal from the magic spell.

Hannah Parker-Kent

Hannah Darbie and Kelly were childhood friends they go to school together, work together and even cook together. Hannah is very intelligent she always scores good marks and because of her good marks a good school was offered to her and she has to go there without Darbie and Kelly. Three of them love to cook together to talk about their life and solve each other’s problems.

Jake Williams

Jake is Kelly Darbie and Hannah’s friend he works at mama p’s café and also runs his food bike. He loves cooking. He thinks mama p as his mother figure, friend, guardian. Jake helped his friends in every way possible. He used to make this recipe Jake burritos and everybody in the town love them.

Rebecca “Becky” Quinn

Becky is kelly’s grandma all the magical recipe cooking thing started from her as Kelly wants to make her normal and wants to free her from a magic spell. Becky wants to destroy the cookbook as she thinks it is dangerous and it will ruin her granddaughter’s childhood. Becky was former to take care of the cookbook and because of the cookbook, her friendship with mama p and gina silver’s ruined.

Ida “Mama P” Perez

She was trapped in the town for almost 40 years because of the spell gina did on her she wants to travel the world but she could not because of the spell. When she was the owner of the cookbook she tried a magic recipe so that the cookbook could remain with her forever. And after that, they can never be friends again until the cookbook came back to Kelly and her friends. Kelly and her friends always approach her for the magical spices.

Ms Gina Silvers

She lives alone by herself. She lost her morbium (most powerful magical spice). She always thought that it was mama p who took it. She wants to live peacefully now. She grows the plant-based spices and also tried to grow a new type of spices by breeding them together but she failed. She cooked a magical recipe and trapped mama p in the town for 40 years until mama p finally succeeded to break the spell


Just add magic is a lovely show for kids presented by amazon prime. The story revolves around a magical cookbook which changes its owner from time to time.

I would recommend this show for kids and people who love to watch kids shows. I loved this show and as in kids perspective, it’s quite good.

RATING: 8/10


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