Isn’t it romantic

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Isn’t it romantic

Isn’t it romantic

Isn’t it romantic is a movie released on 13th of February 2019. It’s a sweet romantic kind of movie more about self-love and not like every other movie about a slim and handsome couple fall in love. This movie is not about fat shaming it’s about how one love’s themselves in every aspect.

This movie is a nice kind of romantic movie ut I would say its just a time pass and if you guys have free time and have nothing to watch then you can just give it a shot.

You can also watch it on Netflix.


Rebel Wilson as Natalie

Liam Hemsworth as Blake

Adam DeVine as Josh

Priyanka Chopra as Isabella

Betty Gilpin as Whitney

Brandon Scott Jones as Donny


Throughout Natalie’s childhood, her mother told her that love is not real it is all about beauty and in the movies and in real life it doesn’t exist. Natalie is too sweet for this world she never says no to anyone and always find herself stuck with others work.

One day when she was travelling through subway she got mugged and hit herself on the head and she went to coma. But in coma, her mind had made her a romantic comedy actress where her life is perfect. Everyone is giving her attention and love that she deserves. She figured out how every romantic comedy ends up and started making things work like that.

At first, she thought blake will say I love you then the things will be correct but no it doesn’t work. The second time she thought josh is her real love but no it also doesn’t work and in end, she realized that she has to love herself and stop deprioritizing herself all the time.

She woke up from the coma and she prioritized herself and then she knows how to act like a boss and she told josh about her feelings.


RATING:- 4/10

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