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Goosebumps 2: haunted Halloween this movie released on 11th October 2018 .


sonny quinn (Jeremy ray taylor)

sarah Quinn (Madison iseman)

sam carter (caleel harris)

Kathy Quinn (Wendi McLendon-Covey)


Sonny and sam are bestfriends they want to start a business of garbage clean up and do this work after school. One day they got a call from a lady to clean up a abandoned house. They reached the house in hope of finding something precious soon they find a box in which there is a incomplete manuscript which was locked and when they opened it slappy the dummy appeared and unknowingly they bring him to life by speaking magical words from the book.

When they went out of the house they found their school bullies their who later stole manuscript from them. Soon sonny and sam realized that slappy was alive and slappy wants to become a part of their family. The later night was Halloween night and their neighbor decorated his house with all the horror stuff like skeleton, balloon spiders,  horse with a headless knight and many more things.

Soon slappy realized the use of nikola tesla’s wardenclyffe tower and went their and with his magical powers make tower in working condition. The rays which came out of the tower make all Halloween decoration alive. According to book slappy wants a mother and he kidnaps sonny and sarah’s mother and made her a dummy like himself.

Soon R.L Stine (jack black) who is the writer of goosebumps series realized all characters from his book got alive. Then went back to the city and decided to end the story to end all this mess. Sarah realized that when she opens the manuscript characters start getting absorb in the book and opens the book on the top of tesla’s tower. Then opens the book and absorbs all magical powers in the book.

According to me children will love this movie as it is kind of funny horror and they will not get scared. We can say this movie as funny one instead of horror one. Movie is good for a timepass but in end you will think you have wasted your time.

I will recommend this movie only for children.

Rating: 5/10



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