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FRIENDS (1994-2004)


Friends  is a very old and yet very appreciated series but some people also consider it as quite overrated. It is like the most perfect show one can ever watch.  I have finished whole ten seasons in around 15 days and recommend this show to every other person. It’s now almost fifteen years this show has ended but still it has million fans around the world. Still people watch this show and appreciate it. Till date hundreds of people review it daily.


Ross Geller (David Schwimmer)

Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston)

Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry)

Monica Geller (Courteney Cox)

Joey Tribbiani (Matt Le Blanc)

Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow)


You cannot give ten seasons plot in few paragraphs soo I will give reviews on main characters and try to give you overview of the show.


In friends you will find him extremely funny during whole season and love hin punch lines like “PIVOT”. He was funny and he was a paleontologist and the most smart one in the group. Since school he has crush on Rachel green the most popular girl in school.

Monica and ross were brother and sister. Ross always got first preference from their parents.


She is fathers princess and a rich spoiled child who has not face any problem until she left her fiancé at the alter. Even the first episode starts with Rachel entering the central perk (coffee house) in a brides dress searching for her school friend monica geller. And ended up becoming friends forever.

She is the most fashionable one among all friends and after leaving her father’s house she did a lot of struggle and achieved her dreams till the end of the show.


Chandler and ross were college bestfriends and roommates. He got job in new york city and live across the hall from monica and phoebe. He lives with joey in his flat. All six of them usually hangs out in monica’s apartment or central perk.

He is most known for his common sense and punch lines. Due to his attractive and catchy lines show became more funny and attractive.


Monica and ross were brother and sister and she was less preferred child of her parents. She was a cleanliness freak who can not bear anything dirty or disorganized around her. Later in the end of seventh season monica and chandler fell in love. They got married and had two twins by adoption. She was a cook and earn well in her life.


He was a struggling actor who lives his life. To earn his livelihood he works in small shows and movies as a side actor. We can say that he was a chic magnet every other girl attract towards him. His room mate was exactly opposite. Joey got great looks and was a true friend of everyone.

Joey was a bit stupid and thinks with his heart and not with his mind. Friend is best known for joeys stupid silly jokes. In the last season joey got main role in the film so he became famous.


Phoebe also known as phebes is the one loved by all and hated by none. She kepts nothing in her mind and always tells the truth. She was faithfull and loyal to her friends and if they ever need her she was always available. In the end of the show phoebe marries mike hannigan. And lives a happy life.


All I can say about friends is that every teenage should watch friends.

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