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BADLA Trailer of this movie released today and this trailer was literally jaws dropping. Amitabh Bachchan again impressed us with his acting skills and with his perfect dialogue delivery and timming. Taapsee pannu plays the role of victim in the film.

This film is the remake of 2016 spanish triller “CONTRATIEMPO”.


Amitabh Bachchan (Badal Gupta)

Taapsee Pannu (Naina)


Badla trailer starts with a line “Badla lena har baar sahi nahi hota, lekin maaf kar dena bhi har baar sahi nahi hota”. In the film Amitabh bachchan is a lawyer who has not lost even a single case in last 40 years. His name is badal gupta.

He takes the case of taapsee pannu who is named as naina in the film. Naina is married and had 1 girl child. She had an affair with a guy named arjun and came to a hotel with him. Someone somehow got to know about their affair and started blackmailing them. Suddenly someone pushed naina and she fainted and when she gain consciousness she found arjun dead in bathroom and then police came in their room and arrest naina as murderer.

Badal asked naina how someone got into a locked room and went out. Badal was inquiring naina in every possible way he can about the event but naina was again and again saying that she is not guilty and she had not done anything.

The trailer end with the dialogue by badal “ kya mai vahi che (6) dekh raha hu jo tumne mujhe dikhaya, ya wo nau (9) jo mujhe dekhna chahiye tha “.


Trailer is released on 12th Feburary 2019. A day before 2 poster of the film is released on sharukh khan’s Instagram account one with Taapsee’s picture and another one with Amitji’s picture. Film is going to release on 8th of march 2019.

I am personally very much impressed with the trailer and planning to watch the movie. Amitji acting of a mastermind took my heart and it has that perfect amount of suspense and thrill which a youngster wants.

RATING: 8/10


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  • I really like this line “Badla lena har baar sahi nahi hota, lekin maaf kar dena bhi har baar sahi nahi hota” 🙂

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