Annabelle comes home – trailer review

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Annabelle comes home


a new movie added to horror movies list and again with a name Annabelle. And we will again see the horror doll Annabelle in the movie.


Mckenna Grace as Judy Warren

Madison Iseman as Mary Ellen

Katie Sarife as Daniela

Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren

Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren

Stephen Blackehart as Thomas

Steve Coulter as Father Gordon

Samara Lee as Annabelle “Bee” Mullins

Joseph Bishara as the demon attached to Annabelle[4]

Paul Dean as Mr Palmeri


The trailer starts with Ed keeping Annabelle in a grass box. And keeping her in a room where Ed and Lorraine keep stuff which is possessed or used in any kind of ritualistic practices. And then he says that ”sometimes its better to keep the giine in the bottle”.

Ed and Lorraine have to go out of town so they appointed Mary as their daughter Judy’s babysitter. Mary was too much interested in the creepy stuff in the house. She asked Judy for the keys of the room where all creepy stuff is kept.

Mary secretly enters into the room and she touches everything which is kept there like coins, piano, statues. Somehow mary let Annabelle out of the sacred glass. Later on, Judy reveals that she can see things like her mother does.

Annabelle manages to bring all the stuff out of the house and start scaring everyone. It, later on, reveals that the doll will not leave without a spirit. And someone has to do sacrifice to make everything normal.


I love horror movies and this is the 7th film of conjuring movie series. I can’t say how the movie is until I have watched it. So here is trailer review for you guys and after the movie releases, I will do a movie review.


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