January 8, 2019

About Us

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Here we provide you the most personalized reviews on movies, trailers, teasers, series (sitcoms), action figures etc. For all those people who want to watch any show or movie and before starting it want to read a detailed review about it, to make sure where you are investing your time, you have come to a right place.

My name is Radhika Agarwal. I am also a website designer if one want to create a website you can contact me and I will help you with it. I am pursuing my graduation from dr. b.r. ambedker university and looking forward as a web designer and blogger. We will post blogs on my site almost daily to make sure my viewers are happy with me. Ratinghut.com  December 2018. Before writing review about anything I personally watch and do a brief analysis so my viewers can receive honest and detailed reviews.

Here we make sure that we satisfy our customers in all aspects.

Here at ratinghut.com I am the chief blogger where I like to share my personal views on latest movie and shows and some old once too.

I didn’t know anything about the blogging after that i have reached to the institution that is near me named as Mittal Computer Education Industry (MCEI). Their they thought me about web designing , blogging, social media marketing (SMM) , search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO).

What we offer-

I make websites. So if anyone of you wants to bring your business online and make sure you are here with the social world, I can bring your business online. So anyone who wants to connect or contact with you can approach you without any hustle bustle. You can sell your products, promote them or you just want to be a simple blogger pretty much you can do anything. All you have to do is approach me and then be a part of online world

People who want  to read my blogs can visit my site ratinghut.com.

Anyone who loves to watch movies and shows has come to right place.