1921 (2018) movie

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1921 (movie) 2018

This was a horror movie released in 2018. Deals with Paranormal Activities. I will be given my honest opinion of the movie. The movie has all the scenes from 1921.


Zareen Khan as Rose
Karan Kundra as Ayush
Nidhi Chitrakar as Nafisa
Vikram Bhatt as Mr Wadia


The movie starts with Ayush a god gifted pianist who wants to learn music and make music his passion. There Mr Wadia offers him his dream which he can’t refuse. So he went to London as caretaker of Mr Wadia’s house and also study there in music school.
Ayush as a side income started playing music for nearby village people for free.

Whereas rose she was blessed as her mother that she can talk to spirits and help them to end their spiritual life and go to god.
She was not happy doing all this but it was her powers that make her help them.
She lives with her 2 friends Nafisa and vasudha. Vasudha was a psychopath she can do anything to be with her lover. Nafisa always tries to help rose.

One day all of a sudden Mr Wadia’s niece the only owner of all his property came to Ayush and blackmailed him. She gave him drinks till he fainted and took him to the Village and try to kill him but soon Ayush get back in his senses and kill Mr Wadia’s niece.
He was soo afraid of what he did that he stopped going to music school, he stopped going out of the house.

One day he read in the newspaper about rose and asked for help. She agreed to help him and solve his problems. Rose doesn’t tell Ayush that she loves him she loves his music
She came to his house many times to listen to his music.
There is big suspense in the movie that you have to watch.


You will like this movie its a one time watch.
But again i am saying if you are expecting a super horror movie then don’t watch it.

Duration: 2hr 35min

Rating: 4/10

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  • is a 2018 Indian horror film, produced and directed by Vikram Bhatt, under his LoneRanger Productions banner. It stars Zareen Khan and Karan Kundra in lead roles and was released on 12 January 2018. It is the first installment in the 1921 (film series) and also a spin-off from the 1920 film series. The film was declared an average grosser at box office.

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